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Chemical purity due to color classifying
Free of organics due to double washing

Marble stone washing and classifying plant in Kainach

This picture gives you a brief glimpse into the marble stone washing plant installed at the plant in Kainach, Austria.

Each marble stone passes twice and is washed using high-pressured water. The amount of fine particles which has been washed from the surface of the marble stones results in a ‚white cloud‘ in the resulting washing water.

This leads to the highest chemical purity of the marble stones due to the fact that fine particle-sized organic and inorganic impurities which are physically bond to the surface of the marble stones are totally removed.
The wet stones are then automatically classified by whiteness in two fractions to produce CALCILIT® KA as high white fraction and CALCICARB® KA as white fraction.

This picture shows both resulting fractions, on the left you see high white CALCILIT® KA and on the right you see white CALCICARB® KA.