Tailor made solutions


Titanium dioxides (TiO2) are by far the most effective white pigments on the market. Handling of TiO2 in powder form can be avoided by using TiO2-slurry of the product family ALPHAWHITE TI.

BICEPS = Best In Class Effective Particle Spread product ALPHAWHITE TI RC 75 SL is new well-dispersed high-filled TiO2-slurry.
This slurry, being free of agglomerates, allows to simplify the handling in a variety of applications, like paints, coatings, paper, paperboards, adhesives, plastics and rubbers, floor coverings, ceramics, roofing materials thus saving at least 5 % of TiO2 or even more.

Pre-dispersed BICEPS product ALPHAWHITE TI RC 73 SL combines the benefits of BICEPS with a perfect pre-dispersion of the white pigment in the slurry.

Custom solutions are offered to customers who have specific needs which can not be totally fulfilled with the 2 basic ALPHAWHITE TI products.