Modern constructions are using polymer-based bonding and sealing products and technologies. Specialty fine particle-sized, chemically purest natural calcium carbonates suited for adhesives and sealants are available without and with surface modification. Such products with state-of-the-art surface modification, in the meantime even water-repellent, do improve the compatibility with the polymer matrix of the adhesive, sealant or putty and give a guarantee for long-term stability of building products and buildings.
If a flame-retardant version is needed, similar fine particle-sized products based on aluminum hydroxide are available, even water-repellent. Aluminum hydroxide (ATH) may be used in all kind of polymer-based systems to work in case of an initial fire as built-in fire extinguisher to act flame-retarding and smoke-suppressing.

If acid-stability is needed in strange surroundings like in industrial or marine applications, ultra-white chemically purest silica products are available to act as inert industrial minerals under such severe conditions.
For glass applications, marble-based products with an outstandingly low amount of iron oxide are available. Such products avoid any discoloration of the glass and are benchmark regarding high quality glass products of ultimate whiteness.


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