Industrial Minerals

When added to plastics and rubber compounds, industrial minerals do improve specific properties of the polymer like tensile strength and toughness. By doing so, the properties of the polymer are improved. Therefore the industrial mineral has to be chemically the purest and has to remain stable during and after blending into the polymer matrix for a longer period of time not causing any ageing effects in the final polymer-based product. The main industrial mineral used worldwide is natural ground calcium carbonate(GCC). A whole bunch of product families of calcium carbonate is available to match every customer requirement.

ALPHAMENT® – for construction products 

Concrete applications from very simple to highly demanding concrete can be optimised by using a grade from the ALPHAMENT® product group. The product line is micronised calcium carbonate based on natural, very fine reef lime that was formed thousands of years ago. ALPHAMENT® from each production site has a constant, natural grey tone.

CALCILIT®– for applications in paints, lacquers, plastics industry + construction chemistry

Calcium carbonates of the CALCILIT® product family are products made of bright white marble rock of the highest chemical purity.
For the plaster industry, CALCILIT® granulates are available in qualities with a medium particle size, which have an extremely narrow particle size distribution.
For applications in the paint, varnish and plastics industry, all standard finenesses up to very fine CALCILIT® products with precisely defined mean diameter are available.

CALCIPLAST®– for polymer aplications

For polymer applications, bright white CALCIPLAST® products are available that are surface modified, resulting in processing advantages and allowing higher loadings in many polymer-based applications.

Several new products such as CALCIPLAST® HS have been developed to have 100% hydrophobic behaviour. This makes it possible to enter market niches that were previously closed to surface-modified products.

FOAMCARB® – for sealants + floor coverings made of different materials

The ‘natural light grey’ FOAMCARB® product family was originally developed for the foam layer in the carpet industry. In the meantime, FOAMCARB® products have become established for creating natural grey tones in many other application areas.

CALCIFILL® RC – Recycled limestone – for flooring, concrete and mortar systems

CALCIFILL® RC products are crystalline calcium carbonates in powder form based on natural, light grey, recycled limestone formed more than 300 million years ago.
The product has a particle size distribution and grain structure optimised for flooring and lining applications with a top cut of approximately 200 microns. It improves the technological properties in customer formulations, such as the mechanical properties and surface finish of flooring systems and the flowability + compressive strength in concrete/mortar systems.

ECOCARB® KA – certified – sustainable – multi-functional

First certified sustainable range of natural calcium carbonate in Europe, based on 100% recycled natural white marble rock. As a multifunctional filler base, it reduces product costs, increases product performance and sustainably improves rheological properties.

Calcium carbonates of the ECOCARB® product family are produced at the Kainach plant in Austria on the basis of colour-classified white marble rock. ECOCARB® is mainly used in the construction industry wherever the surface of the building product is not visible.

In this context, adhesives and sealants are often designed to have ‘natural, warm’ colours. In such applications, ECOCARB® is the perfect product line, as it enables exactly this effect thanks to its stable, natural whiteness and also offers a great financial advantage instead of a bright white filler in combination with a colour pigment in all types of applications.

CALCIFIN®– for applications in plastics and rubbers

The CALCIFIN® product family includes fine, naturally white calcium carbonates from Germany based on Jurassic stone. CALCIFIN® gives the end product ‘warm natural’ colours, enables excellent surfaces and is already used in many new developments of state-of-the-art sustainable products in our daily lives.

CALCICELL®  – for paper industry applications


For the paper industry, the calcium carbonates of the CALCICELL® product family combine a high degree of whiteness with chemical purity. Further product advantages are the low abrasiveness and the availability of any fineness below 2 microns desired by the customer. Available are qualities for use as fillers as well as finest qualities as coating colour pigments.

CALCICOLL®– for adhesives, sealants & constructions 

Originally conceived as one of the first industrially produced industrial minerals, then still referred to as ‘fillers’, the CALCICOLL® product family now stands for calcium carbonate grades based on Jura rock, which are used as a white base industrial mineral in many applications such as latex, adhesives, construction chemicals, etc.

CALCITUFT®– for floorings

Calcium carbonates from the CALCITUFT® product family are products in the colour segment ‘natural light grey’. For decades, their main field of application has been in floor coverings. Today, the use of such ‘natural light grey’ calcium carbonates in different end products creates a range of ‘natural grey’ shades.