White Pigments

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment is one of the most effective white pigments on the market and is characterized by its excellent hiding power, high whiteness and high specific surface area.

The main advantages of using our TiO2 products are brightness and a very high refractive index, as well as its excellent pigment processability, durability, thermal stability and photochemical activity.

Due to its high opacity, TiO2 is particularly suitable for applications in

  • paints
  • plastics
  • paper
  • Ink
  • coatings
  • medicines  toothpaste


The ALPHAWHITE® product family includes predispersed titanium dioxide grades.
The use of these products avoids dispersion problems often described by users when dispersing pure, extremely fine titanium dioxide.
The effectiveness of these titanium dioxides fully develops within shortest dispersion time.

To select the optimum variant for your application, please contact us – the following are available: