Flame Retardants

Products on the market have to be safe in case of fire enabling people to leave the area before an initial fire propagates.Flame retardants which act as fire extinguisher immediately in case of ignition shall neither disturb the mixing and processing nor the color, surface or grip. For this purpose a whole bunch of ALFRIMAL® products has been developed and is available to suit all market demands.


ALFRIMAL®, based on aluminum hydroxide, works as flame retardant by giving off one third of its weight as water starting at about 200 °C ambient temperature.
1. This reaction is endothermic and cools the source of the fire.
2. The water hinders the oxygen in the surrounding air to get access to the flammable gases created by pyrolysis.
3. The aluminum oxide remains as an inert protection layer on the surface of the solid material

The speed to give off the water depends on the specific surface of the product. Depending on the application and the total formulation, ALFRIMAL® should act as a water booster and give off its water very quickly and ALFRIMAL® should react smoothly over a longer period of time to keep escape routes free from fire propagation as long as possible.
ALFRIMAL® products are available to cover both extremes as well as any situation in-between which might be requested for a specific formulation, in combination with all kinds of other flame retardants.