Milestones from over 100 years of development

and the performance of natural minerals


Right after WW I, in 1919, Mr. Hermann Münchow with his young company ‚Teutonia‘ starts to mill jurassic stones, to be found in the region of Ulm. This granularity is used for formulations of window putty, the trade name is ‚Teutonia, ölsparende Kittkreide, Mahlung K‘.


The first customer in the linoleum industry is acquired in 1922, the ‚Rheinische Linoleumwerke Bedburg‘. Other famous producers follow, among them DLW (1927).
New market segments are gained, such as putty for lamp sockets or the rubber industry (1928).


A new class of ‚Juraweiss‘ fillers, specifically developed for the – at that time – new product class of industrial dispersion paints, is introduced, e.g. in Murjahn FFF paints.


The prospering age of the economic miracle not only is characterized by a strong and longlasting growth but also by new materials such as PVC and synthetic binders. The brandname CALCICOLL® SW is used to supply the new adhesive and flooring industries.


The first hydrophobic fillers with the brandname ‚Aktiv Juralin‘ are made available to serve the cable and rubber industry.


Alpha Calcit starts supplying white marble granules with a so far unrivaled degree of whiteness from its pit in Austria in an industrial range (vs. the tradition of selecting marble stones by hand) by creating the 0,5 mm steps. The first CaCO3 slurry for the paper industry is developed.


The development of the carpet back industry is the initial point to create a filler with the color of the backing – the CALCITUFT® fillers. Some 100thousand tons per year are sold.


The development of dustfree fillers low on fines is another milestone (CALCILIT® KA and CALCILIT® G)


The exploitation of marble stones is complemented by an automatized selection based on opto-electronic systems. On top the stones are washed twice so that the level of whiteness can be increased even further and black spots are avoided.
The first on-site plant for papercoating on basis of rejected coating colors is set up (Patented). In China the AlphaCarb system revolutionizes the paper industry until today.

since 2019

In its 100th anniversary year, Alpha Calcit as a trendsetter is not only looking back proudly but keeps on going strong by providing technical solutions for applications which futurewise will provide growth. A diversified and well-balanced product portfolio, continuously adapted to market demands sets the basis for future trends such as transparent fillers or liquid, waste-reducing titanium dioxide slurries.
Today, Alpha Calcit with its headquarter in Cologne (D) and several production plants in different countries, still is family owned. It is renown as modern supplier, totally vertically integrated from open pit to final industrial mineral product, offering a variety of industrial minerals such as

Marble powders  (CALCILIT®)
Flame retardants (ALFRIMAL®)
Surface-modified calcium carbonates (CALCIPLAST®)
Pigment Compounds (TRIPAK®)
White Pigments (TiO2: ALPHAWHITE TI)
Custom Solutions (TiO2-Slurry: ALPHAWHITE TI SL)