High-performance fillers

for demanding applications

Industrial Minerals CALCIUM CARBONATES


Functional Specialty Minerals: TALCS

Pigment Compounds TRIPAK

Tailor made solutions ALPHAWHITE TiO2-Slurry

Excerpts from production steps

here: Marble stone washing and classification plant in Kainach, Austria


Chemical purity through colour classification:

– free from organic substances thanks to double washing –

Insight into the marble stone washing plant installed at the factory in Kainach, Austria.

Each marble stone passes through the plant twice and is washed with water under high pressure. Fine particles washed from the surface of the marble stones result in a “white cloud” in the washing water produced.

This results in the highest chemical purity of the marble stones, as fine-particle organic and inorganic impurities that are physically bound to the surface of the marble stones are completely removed.

The wet stones are then classified according to whiteness for the production of CALCILIT® KA.