Breathable foils


Many new polymer-based plastics have been developed for applications in various types of films, adhesives and sealants, which react much faster than before.

Conventional calcium carbonates, due to their > 0.2 % moisture content, lead to side reactions with the polymer or with additives, which reduces the durability of such products.

In order to offer a real alternative for such applications, the CALCIPLAST® product series was developed for breathable films, which has a minimised moisture content of only 0.1* %. The resulting high flow margin leads to faster processing and cost savings. ( *measured during production  )

Due to its thermal stability up to over 270 °C, this product series is particularly suitable for PE and PP films as well as breathable films and is also characterised by a high degree of whiteness as well as good printability in addition to a small particle size.


product variants

Product line
CALCIPLAST® for breathable films
Properties / Description
extra fine particle size / low moisture / improved rheology + high flow span / reduces side reactions / best suited for reactive polymer systems
especially fine-grained / low moisture / improved rheology + high flow span / no side reactions due to surface water / residual moisture content: 0.1 *% / (*measured during production) / highly suitable for reactive polymer systems
fine-grained particle size of 2 µm / residual moisture content: 0.1 *% / (*measured during production) / thermally stable up to over 270 °C / particularly suitable for PE / PP and breathable films / improves film stretchability and printability
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