floor coverings

The various properties and classifications of floor coverings such as colour and light resistance, fire resistance, walking comfort as well as thermal insulation and impact sound protection place high demands on both the quality of the carpet backing and the fillers used in it.

We have taken these requirements as the basis for our quality standards in the production of tailor-made fillers based on natural calcium carbonate, which, thanks to decades of experience, have led to effective and optimally applicable product lines such as CALCITUFT®, FOAMCARB® and CALCIFILL ®.

In order to be able to provide sustainable products for the future, several CALCIFILL®  products are already included and certified in our range of recycled fillers, and more will follow.

product variants

Product line
ALFRIMAL® 443 / 446 / 448 / 449 / 449 S
FOAMCARB® 401 W / 401 E / 505 W
ATH Base
Properties / Description
serve to increase the service life of the plastic and protect against various damaging influences during its use/ flame retardant / suitable for processing temperatures up to 200 ° C / finest particle size / alternative for finest precipitated ATH / narrow decomposition temperature gap / independent of pH value
flame retardant / smoke retardant / optimized particle size distribution / high loading capacity
Very pure limestone / well-defined top cut / improves mechanical properties and suitable for many applications such as adhesives, thermosets, latex and rubber materials
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